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== Independent Nspire Developers IRC channels ==
== Independent Nspire Developers IRC channels ==
<code>#inspired at</code>
<code>#inspired at</code> - SSL on port 9999
<code>#inspired at</code>
<code>#inspired at</code> - no SSL

== Current pages ==
== Current pages ==

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This wiki is dedicated to hacking the Nspire.


Welcome to you on Hackspire, the TI-Nspire Hackings wiki. The goal of this wiki is to federate all research efforts about the Texas Instruments Nspire calculator.

Feel free to add your contribution, the more details we get, the faster we can get this calculator work for us! TI Software is great for Mathematics, Physics... And independent developers are great for all the rest, because TI does not have time for this!

If you want to continue the TI-89 and TI92+ success story with the Nspire, please contribute! You don't need to destroy your calc for this, any contribution is welcome! Examples includes:

  • Communication: Searching for communities working on Nspire is important, we feel that 1+1>2, ie lonely developers can benefit from common efforts
  • Hacking: We need to investigate the ability of Nspire to run independent software
  • Wiki development: I'm not good at writing wiki pages, organizing categories, etc... If you know how to run a wiki actively, you can contribute!
  • And if you are a Nspire owner, and are just waiting to play Mario and other cool games, be patient and after having registered yourself in the NSpire Owners List, ask questions to develop your hacking skills :)

Oh, and if you find something weird, a bug, a feature, a test you did and you don't know where to put it, feel free to edit this page: Contributed_Tests

Thank you !

squalyl, Hackspire wiki founder.

Site news

20101003 Database restoration after a filesystem failure. Fortunately no or little data has been lost. You still may need to recreate your user account.

20071029 Added an announce page to note important steps, discoveries, etc

20070823 Editing disabled for anonymous users

20070808 The robots.txt file that prevented indexation has been removed, to allow indexing and allow the world to come here. A sitemap has been added for Main_page, Operating_System and Hardware.

Independent Nspire Developers IRC channels

#inspired at - SSL on port 9999 #inspired at - no SSL

Current pages

Development resources

OS information