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If you found something interesting about your calculator, but don't know in which page this has to be posted, please feel free to edit this page and report your "bug" or "feature" here. We will review and integrate all interesting information. Don't forget to mention your name and the calculator model.

Your turn!

(exploit) TI-Nspire - Using the maintenance menu, one can delete the OS and reinstall an older version. (bug) TI-Nspire(1.4.11653) 84+ Emulation(2.46)- CrnchyOS crashes when a program is opened.

(bug) TI-Nspire(1.6.4379) Nspire keypad - I was in a library document, adding a variable. Midway between typing it, The display formed 1 pixel-wide horizontal lines, about 5 pixels apart. I pushed on, and the display did not change. I pushed ctrl-on; the display turned off, and I pushed on, and the calculator turned on, right where I left it.

TI-Nspire Cas (1.6) - dont know if it is meant to do this but at the end of the 99/99 page limit, it was still going for me... a possible exploit i hope! uploaded video here: by panos yianni (

(feature?) TI-Nspire(1.6.4379) Nspire keypad - One can send earlier OS's to a calculator if you send it from calculator to calculator.

(exploit?) The copyright information on the TI-NSpire states that is uses portions of ssh software. Is it possible that we could ssh into the calc, in the same way the iPhone dev team did?

(bug) TI-Nspire(1.7.2741) While booting Nspire OS once I reached the thatched loading screen it allowed me to switch key pad to 84 keypad but still loaded Nspire OS.

(bug) TI-Nspire(1.7.2741) while at file list screen with home menu displayed, the key combination enter + menu + home + escape forces cold boot.