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I heard about this site from #tcpa on Efnet(related to

a little assistance bitte

OK so I need a little help. I was able to open ti-nspire.tnc with WinRAR (simple zip file.) So from there I was able to expand the ti-nspire.img and ti-nspire.cer files without any trouble. But thats where I run into trouble. I can't make any sense of the ti-nspire.cer file, its gibberish in notepad, so I was wondering what you used to divulge the information you got. Next I tried to open the ti-nspire.img file. At first I tried to use notepad to open it. Though most of it was gibberish like ti-nspire.cer was, some of it made sense, it looked like directory listings, so I suspected it to might an archive. So I open it with WinRAR as well - it works - sort of. It starts to open the archive but says unexpected end of archive. It still gives a directory listing of the archive, but I cannot view or extract any of the files because it comes up with the same error. What did you use to view the contents, please extrapalate.

P.S. - Check out this forum, its interesting, but if you can't read french (like me) youll have to have it translated