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last-year student, currently intern in a french big company.
site owner
Currently living in Paris
Work experience:
* Since 02-2009: Employed at [ Spirtech] as JavaCard engineer.
* 2006-2007: ENSIMAG (Grenoble's National Engineering School for Applied Mathematics and Computer Science) - Special Year
* 2002-2006: ENSPG (Grenoble's National Engineering School for Physics)
* 2000-2002: Exams preparation School at Montpellier's Lycée Joffre
* 2000: Baccalaureat
* 2007: Studies about OpenMoko Embedded Linux Platform
* 2006: Schneider Electric, Grenoble, Shape memory Alloys
* 2005: CEA Grenoble + GPM2, Powder Materials Simulation
Personal experience:
* A lot of small, never finished computer projects. Mainly to "test everything".
* Programming
* Project management
* Business and Investment world
* Korea
* Other things that may change very fast, so no need to write them down :)
Current Projects:
* A small JVM. Not yet ready to be released.

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