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XML format used in TNS files

TNS and TNSP files contains XML data, encrypted and compressed (see TNS File Format and TNSP File Format).

How to get the XML data and build TNS from XML

TNS files

To get the XML data, you can use:

-Levak’s clipboard dumper with the TI Nspire Computer Software

-Godplat's nspire_emu like described here and here

To build TNS files from XML, you can use Luna.

TNSP files

Any text editor and good zip-reader that can handle odd zip files should be OK.

You should be able to extract every file except one, which is in clear at the beginning of the TNSP file.

TNS files general XML structure

TNS files are composed of two or more XML files:

-Document.xml (general info on the file)

-ProblemX.xml (X being the number of the problem, up to 50 in regular TNS files)

In each ProblemX.xml, there are different cards (described in ProblemX.xml), which contains themselves Widgets.

(If the TNS file was created with OS >=1.2, these files are encrypted, and thus you can't extract them)

TNSP files general XML structure