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This article currently contains notes and ideas jotted down, but may be splitted and reorganized in the future as knowledge becomes more structured and comprehensive.

Booting and resetting

There is no documented key combo to reset the TI-Nspire, as can be found on TI-68k. The small reset button on the underside which can be pressed with a paper clip or a ball point pen only works when the TI-Nspire is switched on.

  • In TI-Nspire mode, it shows a popup telling that the documents and folders have been deleted. The document "Getting started" is also deleted. The OS is not rebooted.
  • In TI-84 Plus mode, a TI-Nspire (not TI-84 Plus) menu ask to validate the reset. The RAM and the archive memory of the emulated TI-84 Plus will be cleared, and the TI-84 Plus will be reset.

Booting happens when:

  • all the batteries are removed and put back
  • after a crash of the TI-Nspire OS
  • when the keypad is changed

There is no backup battery as we can find on previous calculator models, so removing at least one AA battery make the RAM lose its content. Removing and putting back the same keypad doesn't make it boot (the calculator will turn on as after being turned off), the keypad really needs to be changed. Whether booting in TI-Nspire mode or in TI-84 Plus mode, a progress bar is displayed with the 2 sequencial messages: "Preparing file system, please wait..." and "Loading Operating System...". The supposed memory setup during this phase is described in Memory layout. It seems that the exception handler of the TI-Nspire OS systematically forces a reboot: you won't see anything like illegal instruction in a black bar on the screen as there is on TI-68k.

We need your help

  • Find out how to reinitialize completely the TI-Nspire, i.e. how to make the OS reinstall the TI-84 Plus flash applications, and display the configuration wizard you meet when you starts your TI-Nspire for the first time.