NAND Memory Layout

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32MB are available in the flash memory used for storage. As in other TI calculator models with flash memory, it is used to store both the Operating System and what was called the "archive memory" on the previous models (this term loses its sense with the TI-Nspire as we'll see).

The TI-Nspire OS advertises 27.8MB of what it calls "storage capacity", which is the flash memory which can be filled with TI-Nspire documents. Saved documents are always stored in the storage memory. Documents being edited probably have a working copy in RAM, copied to the storage memory when the document is saved.

Since 32MB of RAM is available, we think the whole OS code is decrypted from the OS image and copied to RAM at boot time, when the message "Loading Operating System..." is displayed during ~8 seconds. The RAM is also used as temporary storage transparently for the user as described above.

We need your help

  • Most of this page is speculation for the moment. Bring your own ideas.
  • How many "storage capacity" and "space used" the TI-Nspire CAS advertises in the Handheld Status dialog?