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nspire_emu is currently the main TI-Nspire/CAS/Touchpad emulator. It only supports Windows, but is compatible with Wine on other OSes. You can download it from its Omnimaga thread.

Most TI-Nspire emulators derived from nspire_emu. Note that these custom versions are not always kept up-to-date with the latest version of nspire_emu.


Note that OS 3.0.2 and above are more complicated to emulate: you will have to dump a boot2 image from a OS image < 3.0.2, and patch the OS image to run with TNOC, see here why
  • Open the OS image with 7-Zip (from the 7-Zip sub-menu of the right click menu), and extract the file boot2.img to the directory imgdump.
  • To create an uncompressed Boot2 image, open a DOS console (Start -> Run... -> type cmd), and type (replace <imgdump_path> with the actual path):
cd <imgdump_path>
imgdump.exe boot2.img
This produces a file called boot2.img.raw.
  • Create a flash image with a preloaded OS from nspire_emu. If you are emulating a CAS OS image, append the option /C to all the following commands.
cd <nspire_emu_path>
nspire_emu.exe /N /F=<your_flash_image_name>.bin /PO=<os_image_path>.<tnc|tno>
  • Install the preloaded OS:
nspire_emu.exe /B=<path_to_boot2.img.raw> /F=<your_flash_image_name>.bin
  • Press 'I' in the emulator screen to start the installation. Once the OS has loaded, you can save the image with File > Save Flash. You will be able to run again the image with the same DOS command: save it to a .bat file for a quicker launch.

You can alternatively try Levak's set of batch scripts for an easier setup: get the latest Emulateur Nspire (...) +lanceur on TI-Planet (French). You can merge these scripts with the latest version of nspire_emu.


Ncubate is a derived version of nspire_emu enhanced with features useful to developers, such as state saving/reloading, additional debugger commands and support for the GDB debugger.


Xspire is a port of nspire_emu for the GTK+ GUI library, compatible with Windows and Linux. This port also supports skins. You can download it from the United-TI thread (account required). Note that a more recent version may be available further in the thread. The GDK/GTK+ libraries are required for it to work (Windows users should use the Windows port).

Nspire Memory Editor

The Nspire Memory Editor plugs itself into nspire_emu to offer advanced memory-related features, such as hexadecimal memory edition, string and binary search, memory chunks read and write, and string or instruction-based breakpoints. Download it from the United-TI thread (account required). Note that a more recent version may be available further in the thread.