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Document format

A .tns file is a PK-ZIP file containg several XML files. Document.xml corresponds to the options of the Document settings dialog box of the OS (some options can't be configured graphically). An XML file exists for each problem of the document (Problem1.xml, Problem2.xml, and so on).

Document format tests

Bold words are used as keyword for quick reference.

Please keep in mind before adding any elements to this list that as long as a way to bypass the downgrade protection as not be found, too many details on leads to possible exploits to execute arbitrary code should preferably not be posted here.

  • The Computer Link Software does check anything except the file extension.
  • Compression format: TNS files compressed with the graphical frontend of 7-Zip are accepted. The command-line version of 7-Zip and Windows XP's native zipper produce an error message when the document is open on the TI-Nspire. Cygwin's zip command make the calculator reboot. The TI-Nspire probably uses a custom decompressor (yet the About screen mentions that zlib is use6d by the OS).
  • An error message is displayed when a document with containing a not well-formed XML file is open.
  • Adding, removing or renaming files (XML or not) in the TNS displays the error.
  • Specifying an invalid type attribute (for example "TI.Notepaddd" instead of "TI.Notepad") in a wdgt tag of a problem displays an empty frame instead.
  • Text added between the tags of the problems ("mixt-content") is ignored.
  • Changing the version attribute of a problem displays the error.
  • Any DTD assigned or added to XML files is ignored.
  • An XML external entity defined inline to try to read system files is ignored (not displayed), whether an relative or absolute path is used (but perhaps more possible file paths should be tested).
  • Format markup of the Notepad widget (for example Applications \1keyword \ which would render "Applications" as a keyword): nothing special found.