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1. Who decided that the processor was an ARM926EJ-S, and how sure is he? -Recursive Acronym

Not really deciced, but this information was found in the asic documentation. squalyl 15:46, 13 March 2008 (CET)

2. Hello, I found a curiosity on PCB (TI-Npire). Is this infrared or LED and what for? Image here. - bolisega

It's a bi-color led used to indicate when the calculator is in "Press to test" mode. Press to test disables some functions of the calculato that could be used for storing cheat note on the calculator. This mode is entered with with a keystroke combination and can only be exited by connecting the calculator to a computer or another Nspire by the link cable.

3. If the hardware is the same for both the TI-Nspire and the -Nspire CAS, would that make it theoretically possible to hack the TI-Nspire (non-CAS) and install the -CAS operating system on it, or otherwise enable CAS functionality, such as the "solve" function?

It is possible that the OS installer checks just the presence of a "removable keypad" variable (true/false variable, maybe ?) (or maybe check the hardware directly), so in that case, we have to edit the OS installer file itself... --AdRiWeB 15:41, 2 November 2008 (UTC)